Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's time for a giveaway! :)

I'm pretty new to blogging--I started less than 2 months ago!  It doesn't even seem possible!  Either way, I've been nominated for two more awards!  Thank you so very much to Barbara over at The Corner on Character for your kind words and the following awards! Your words were so kind--you have my sincerest thanks!

I think it's time to celebrate all of my wonderful followers!  (You know what this means--time for a giveaway!)
I made a rhyme.  I do it all the time.
So what am I giving away?  Well I'm giving away my Mustache themed kit, because I think it's super fun and sassy and awesome and, although it's not a hot seller in my stores (I can't imagine why...:D), it needs a good home! (Or three.) 

Simply comment below telling everyone ONE thing that's going well for you this year in your classroom!  I'll pick three winners at random on Wednesday!

I'll pass on my award in a future post!  (I know, I said this last time.  I'll get to it...I swear!)


  1. This year I'm trying writing circles and so far, so good! AND, I LOVE your blog!

  2. I also think that mustaches are sassy! i'm doing centers a different way this year, & it is going great! I was observed last week for teacher evals & my principal agrees. Woo!


  3. This year I had the students set goals for Social Skills, and do their own self-assessment each week, then we conference one-on-one to help them brainstorm more ways to reach their goals. Going well so far!

  4. This year my kiddos REALLY get along. We have an awesome classroom community where everyone is extremely supportive of one another. It makes the classroom a much more enjoyable place!

  5. This is my first year teaching! As new teacher I'm trying to keep my lessons interactive. That being said,two weeks ago we were required to teach the Constitution. What started out to be a week long lesson soon became a two week affair. To make a long story short, my closet was turned into a voting booth as the students spent the entire week campaigning for our fifth grade class president. All students selected a running mate and wrote speeches. I borrowed a podium and working mic and recorded all of the students giving their speeches. I was blown away at the quality of work these 5th graders produced... who knew that they could express catharsis in their speeches?! Naturally we ended the week with an inauguration :)

  6. hmmph. I thought I commented earlier but I guess not. Wellll this year, whats working great for both the students and myself is Whole Brain Teaching!! You can check out the videos on youtube but my kids looove it. They are more focused, engaged, and are having so much fun learning. They love when I throw in new phrases. They are always on their toes ready to respond to anything I may say :)

  7. I am currently doing my student teaching and I have been trying to come up with and theme that is cute and unique. I think this theme is just perfect for my future classroom. So my good thing happening is that I will graduate in December and have my own classroom in January(being very optimistic) Thank you for considering me for this theme pack.

  8. You are so creative and I love all of your polka-dot stuff! I am currently a second grade, classroom, teacher and have allowed the ESE teacher to push-in during my Math time (for the first time ever with 8 additional students) and have found myself becoming more confident and working harder to become a better teacher for them and for myself!!

  9. So far, my students have made improvements in their behaviors by leaps and bounds. They are beginning to understand how to work together and listen to each other. I have Junior Kindergarten and I just took over the class after student teaching this last semester, but I have watched these little ones just grow and LOVE learning (which in my mind is the most important!) I hope they continue to maintain that passion for learning for the rest of their lives.

  10. hye Janis,
    i'm a preschool teacher from Belgium. I love your polkadot inspired theme kid and love to use it in my classroom! The only problem is that i must get them without any words on it so i can adjust them to dutch... Is there any way i can buy, download or get them blanco without words? I would kill for them because i'm a realy polka dot person :p Even my surname is "bollen" witch translates "dots" in english. Hope to here from you very soon because my classroom needs some cute polkadot themed managmend!
    Greetings Elien Bollen