Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Top 10 Ways to Ensure You Lose Your Sanity in the Classroom

10. Do NOT have a set time for your kiddos to get drinks, eat their snacks, and use the restroom.  Allow them to raise their hand whenever they wish and ask you to go. Remember--we must meet all of their basic needs first!

9. Allow your students to keep their toys at their desk.  After all, we all know toys promote creative play and build life skills.

8. Allow students to ask ANY and ALL questions whenever they want.  Kids are naturally curious.  They have a lot they want to learn!  Feed their love of learning and, please...answer every question.

7. Do NOT give students examples of work!  This only hinders their creativity!  Instead, let them come up with their own ideas for every project you may be working on the classroom.  To maximize this tip, see number 8.

6.  Allow all of your students to hand out any and all birthday invitations first thing in the morning. Remember, students need to feel as if they are the center of your and everyone else's universe.

5. Reward your students for every success!  Great job walking in the hallway?  PRIZE! Chewing with their mouth closed?  PRIZE!  Caught thinking?  PRIZE!

4. Test your students' memory often.  Do NOT clearly explain your expectations!!  Instead, see how well they listened to your directions back in September by letting them just begin a task.  They will step up to the plate and complete all work with 100% effort. If they don't, allow them to pick their own consequence.  Kids will be fair and logical when assigning themselves a consequence.

3. Let your students drive your instruction. Figure out what your students want to learn and teach it to the best of your ability.  This is best done by surveying every single student on a weekly basis.  Complete LOTS of KWL charts together as a class as well.  Post every chart on the wall.

2. Assess your students every hour to see what they have learned.  This is best done using nationally-normed, paper and pencil assessments.  Grade all tests daily. Record all data. Create numerous pie charts, bar, and line graphs to better visualize all data.  (This will make your data more user-friendly!)  Use this data and the results from Number 3 to drive any and all instruction in your classroom.  Most importantly--do NOT forget to color code and label all graphs!

1. Celebrate every holiday!  Kids thrive in positive environments!  Parties help to build a strong classroom community!  Have an entire cabinet devoted to decorations, props, and party supplies.  Replenish weekly using your own money. Please don't ask for help or support--it's best to meet your students' needs in the classroom.

Remember that kids have many needs!  Following these steps will ensure you do just that and that your students adore you!  :D


  1. haha that would surely make me crazy!!!!! And to think how many of us thought we could pull it all off our first year teaching!!!

    ❤ Mor ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  2. Ok, so when I first read this, I didn't see the part that said "Top 10 Ways to Lose Your Sanity..." All I saw was the part that said "The Best Teacher." So I went on to read all of your ideas and I'm thinking, this teacher is NUTS! Then I read the WHOLE title and thought I'd share my comical event with you!

  3. I just read this and did the same thing as the last person who commented. I looked at the picture and was reading the countdown thinking this lady is NUTS!!!!! :) Hahaha, glad I read the comments and went back and reread the post! :)

    Building a House of Love

  4. Well said! And so true. The "prize, prize, prize" part is my favorite. What ever happened to doing the right thing just because its the right thing?? I hate when kids ask, "What do I get?" Great blog, by the way. I've just started blogging and yours is giving me great inspiration!!