Sunday, September 4, 2011

50 Followers = 50% OFF!

Happy "Sundae"! :)  I'm up to 50+ followers!  Because you've all made me so happy, for today only, EVERYTHING at my Teacher's Notebook shop is 50% off! 
This is an AMAZING deal!   Tell everyone you know!!  No seriously....get on the phone and call your parents, teacher friends, veterinarian, and cable service providers.  I'll even let you share the link with YOUR blog followers.  :D  Happy shopping!


  1. I noticed that you use Sumdog. Do you pay the extra for the reports? I've never seen the reports so I'm not sure how worth it they would be. How often does your class use Sumdog? I do as a resource and I love it but it is more test like vs. game. I would highly recommend but I'm really interested in being able to track progress through games.
    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

  2. We do use Sumdog, yes! We only started last year with the "freebie" accounts! I introduced it to my students and then really only linked it to our classroom website. I DID go through every once in a while and find out who had been logging on online and gave them a small reward randomly as extra "encouragement." Our tech coordinator in our building was able to get an acct for our school to track data for this year, but we haven't really used it just yet! I'll keep you in the loop. (Hey--maybe I'll even blog about it. :D)

  3. Thanks for the discount! I just got the dots calendar I emailed you about. :)

    Ashley B.

  4. I have just found your blog. I've enjoyed my visit here! Come by when you get a chance.

    Creative Blessings,