Friday, September 30, 2011

FRIDAY FREEBIE: Scientific Method Handout!

In the spirit of Science Week that I'm seeing all over the blogging world, I thought I'd post a Science freebie this week!  Now, I don't have a whole lot of homemade Science stuff..I still feel like such a newbie to teaching!  BUT I do have this bad boy--a handout to help teach the Scientific Method! 
 On the backside, you'll notice a handout for an experiment I used to accompany teaching about the Scientific Method. (I totally stole this idea from What the Teacher Wants!)  My students LOVED the Diaper Experiment last year. I only wish I took pics! And do you know how many corny jokes you can come up with when you're working with diapers?  SO MANY!  It's great! 
 Have a great weekend! :)


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  4. Where can I find the lesson plan for the diaper experiment?