Thursday, September 1, 2011

THURSDAY TIP: Using Vistaprint in the Classroom!

I discovered Vistaprint last May.  In a mere 16 months I have gone from semi-curious browser to full blown addict. When I first discovered Vistaprint, I used their provided templates. As I became more "proficient" with the site, I began designing my own items and uploading the creations.  This has allowed me, especially this year, to furnish my classroom with the designs that I truly adore.  I ALWAYS wait till great deals come along (especially shipping deals) and pay next to nothing for each product!

So you might be wondering...Just how addicted am I?  Well let's take a look.
Let's start with the view from my classroom as you first walk in the door. Here you see one banner from Vistaprint and that's IT!  (There's another one on the other side though that you can't see that says "Student of the Month.")  I guess that brings our count to two. 
When you walk into my classroom you see this.  Now, this only LOOKS like 5 items, but it's actually closer to a fifty (if not more!)  Those bins are holding a LOT of items.  There's a bin there for all of my Stamps, Business Cards, Postcards, & Notecards/Magnets/Other small random items. My behavior clip chart is also from Vistaprint! This brings our count to...oh I don't know...100?
Front of my classroom...From left to right...poster with "Strategies for Success", my Writing Idea Jar and Treat Jar were made using Window Decals for  labels, a mug to hold my student sticks, and my "Today's Schedule" & "Planner & Agenda" signs on the board are Car Door magnets! New total? 106(ish).
I like banners the best, especially for putting stuff on the wall!  From left to right: my Treat Bag is a tote, my desk name plates are actually Rack Cards, and all of the other highlighted items are banners that I created! 112.
In the back of the classroom (by the student cubbies), I have this old boring filing cabinet that I spruced up with some Car Door Magnets.  These also serve as friendly reminders as to what students should be doing when they get to school and before they go home. (115)

Now these are just a small portion of what I actually have made for my classroom, but it gives you a visual as to how I use these items!  To see MORE of my creations, check out my Vistaprint Goodies album HERE!


  1. Just found your blog and love it. I'm a polka dot person too!

    I also love Vistaprint! I got 200 business cards free and just paid shipping only. Dirt cheap and now I can hand out to teachers so they have my substitute id number and e-mail.

    It will be awful (not really :D) when I get my own class because I have a feeling I'll be purchasing a lot from Vistaprint lol.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  2. Is there any way I could get your behavior clip chart so that I, too, can get printed at Vista Print?