Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Classroom Sneak Peek!

If you're at all like me, you absolutely LOVE looking at other teachers' classroom photos!  It's great to see the ideas that other teachers have, how they organize and set up their room, and, of course, all of the groovy materials that they have created or acquired.  So, naturally, I want to provide you with a sneak peek into my 2011-2012 3rd grade classroom!

Now I know it's not good blogging etiquette to apologize in your first official blogging post but I have to do just that!  My camera was being cranky and so I had to snap some photos with my iPod instead.  The quality is less than ideal, but hey--it's a sneak peek!  (I should also note, although it may not look like it...I STILL HAVE SO MUCH TO DO!!!)

As you enter my classroom, this is what you see!  (It's not quite as cave-like as this picture makes it appear!)  I won't go into too many specifics just yet because I'd rather bore you at a later time with those details!

 This view will change somewhat before the year actually begins, mostly because I still have a Reading Focus Wall to add.  Plus, I suppose I should also give my kiddos something to sit on. Minor detail.

Here's a view of the door that I so graciously took a photo FROM just moments earlier. If you haven't figured it out quite yet, I enjoy polka dots a lot. (<--Understatement of the century.) 

And here's the Homework Hangout!  That little sign next to the title reads "Where all the cool homework comes to unwind."  This is so very true.  Even homework needs its own space!

And finally (for today anyways), here's a picture of my Word Wall! This is the only bulletin board that I did not change this year!  (Mostly because I adore it so!)  Ironically enough, I'm moving to 3rd grade this year (after two years in 5th) so it's probably the only one I SHOULD have changed. But hey--3rd graders need exposure to profound and compelling vocabulary that stimulates their synapses and catalyzes the development of dendrites. 

More to follow in due time....but thanks for stopping in! :)

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