Thursday, August 18, 2011

THURSDAY TIP: Going deskless!

A couple of days ago I posted about organization and how very difficult it can be!  I'm sticking with that theme this week!  This year, I did something CRAZY!
See this teacher's desk?  Some of you might be thinking..."Oh my..yes... I do.  How adorable!"  And I'm thinking..."I know!  I took lots of time to decorate it and make it look nice!"

Yeah...well...I got rid of it!  I peeled off the letters and those adorable polka dots and kicked it to the curb!

<Insert shock and gasp here.>

Okay, so maybe that's a bit dramatic, but I DID get rid of my desk. And it was a GREAT feeling.  So...why go deskless?  I'm fortunate enough to have a fairly large room.  Last summer though I struggled to determine the "perfect placement" of aforementioned desk. I could never get it in a place I liked.  I always felt that I was cutting off the flow of traffic.  I like using my corners and keeping the center space available for kiddos and myself to move. Then the year began.  I looked at the desk often, but never ONCE sat at it!

If I was sitting to do work it was either in the front of the room with my kiddos (above) OR I was on my computer doing one task or another.  So...the desk became a great place to stack papers. Or store confiscated toys.  Or lose things in. I value space over stuff so I gave my desk away!

Now,  how on earth am I going to survive?! 

See this?  This is my new "desk."  It's actually a table.  If you look closely, you'll see drawers on either side of my new "desk."  The white sterilite container is where I store my "teacher essentials"--labels, envelopes, more pens, tea, stickers, etc. I also have more out in the open now too.
Against the wall, I have these drawers (with labels--of course!). This will help me to organize all the PILES that I tend to accumulate.  In the background, you'll notice my "supply buckets" to keep track of my F.U.S.'s (Frequently Used Supplies...yeah..I know..some things shouldn't have acronyms...) You'll also notice my subject binders.
This adorable little cubby that I added this year helps to store all of my Vistaprint goodies that also went inside my desk.  (It's also a great home for decorative elements--keep the balance, you know?!).

So how am I using my new space?  My desk USED to be placed in front of the radiator.  I got rid of the desk and made the space look like THIS!
That rug is sitting EXACTLY where my desk used to be.  Now students have MORE space to work, I have a location to organize and place student's Reading Schedules, and no more traffic interruption!  Totally worth it.  I'm not missing my desk at ALL.  (Well that's probably because everything inside it found a new home--lucky ducks!)

You are ALSO a lucky duck!  Wanna know why?  Cause I'm giving you THOSE labels too. Yay!  Happy Thursday! :)


  1. Your room looks fantastic. I've been thinking about giving up my desk, but I haven't been brave enough to do it yet! I don't know where I'd store all of my stuff, but you've given me some ideas:)

  2. I got rid of my desk this year, too! Everyone thinks I'm crazy, but so far, it's working out great. I'm in a tiny room so I really needed the extra space for my kiddos. Love your room!

  3. I taught kindergarten for 6 years (got rid of my desk the 2nd year). Then I moved to 6th grade last year and decided I needed one again so I bought one ($50). Now, I'm thinking about getting rid of it AGAIN! :) "IF" I sit down during the day it is at my reading table, and my desk is already collecting JUNK after 7 days of school! I just might have to "toss" it! :)


  4. I work at an after-school non-profit and I teach K-3rd grade members during our "Homework Help" time -- we spend one hour of the afternoon doing homework, and if they do not have homework they can color, read, or do educational games and activities. I have 30 students spread across these ages. After that, I do other programs with ages groups ranging from K - 12th grade. I use my desk primarily for planning my programs before the kids get there, and you've given me some great ideas here on ways to better utilize my room. It's fairly large, but with it needing to cater to such a diverse age range, I feel like it's lacking. I love the idea of getting rid of my clunky old desk and replacing it with a smaller table for my PC and a small space for me to work on lesson plans. Great idea!