Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

So the ALL-TOO-FABULOUS Clutter-Free Classroom is hosting a Back-to-School Linky Party!  I love the topic so OF COURSE I have to join in!
 The beginning of the school year is indeed an exciting one for many of us (parents, teachers, and children alike). Here's why I personally LOVE the Back to School season:
  1. Everything is so new and clean! The colors are brighter, the table tops are clear and the students' desks look immaculate.  Nothing is broken, smeared, smelly, sticky, greasy, or smudged.  
  2. I have an excuse to drink massive amounts of coffee! 
  3. I still look GREAT during the first two days of school.  I'm still rested, my eyes and clothes are bagless, and my clothes still fit!  I even still have the ambition to walk around in heels!
  4. I get to see my FABULOUS coworkers on a daily basis! 
  5. And last, but CERTAINLY not least...The hope and promise of a year of excellence is still in full swing! I will never ONCE feel exhausted or unmotivated this year! I will meet every need, entertain while simultaneously motivating my students to change the world, and every student will master every skill because I will have the time and resources to offer them the support they deserve. I will do this all while serving on multiple committees, helping other teachers, blogging daily, and smiling and laughing often!! And I will most certainly never forget that my job is important and that I love it so.
(Hey, no one ever said our "like" list had to be rational!!)
 Venture on over to the Linky Party to see what other teachers love about this time of year! :)

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