Saturday, August 27, 2011


Aren't I just clever with titles?!  I've become rather addicted to my computer this summer.  Now that summer's winding down, I figured maybe I'd share with you what I've been DOING this summer!

I get inspiration from all over the place: PT, Pinterest, teaching blogs, and random internet searches.  You never know what you'll find and EVERYTHING'S available on the internet!  I worked on project after project this summer, thanks to the aforementioned items. Here's a small handful of my creations!

These two projects were inspired by both Pinterest AND PT! The Birthday balloons are just colored cardstock attached to a funky straw. I will give one of these to each student on their birthday, along with a "Birthday Banana"! (More to come soon on student birthdays in the classroom!) The flower pot is my new beautiful pen bouquet!
Somewhere on Pinterest I found a GREAT sub binder!  It was fantastic--lots of goodies inside for when you're out!  This "Sub Tub" has folders in it with the sub plans along with copies of important documents (our Procedural Handbook, for example) that may come in handy!  I also put some extra goodies (Read Alouds, Brainquest cards, etc.) for the sub, as well as a bag of popcorn, just for an extra thank you! (It's great to have everything in one location!)
One of my first pins was actually a weekly menu board created from scrapbooking paper and a photo frame.  I thought to myself--I NEED that on my desk for a Teacher To Do list!  And so, I bought a frame and threw this funky little frame insert inside it.  (I'm hoping this list miraculously takes care of itself before school starts by the way.)

These Brain Break Sticks were another great idea that I found!  They'll be a great addition to our classroom this year!
And last..but not's an example of the scratch off tickets that I made for my classroom this summer!  (I used my yuckiest one for this picture. I have some seriously poor painting skills....WHY do my circles look like ameobas?! Pseudopod-esque!!)  I actually ordered postcards from Vistaprint to make these. I was able to fit 2 on one postcard and I mixed up the prizes so that those smart 3rd graders don't figure out any patterns! I actually ordered 2 sets, giving me a total of 400 cards.  I'll be lucky if I give all of these out before 2030, but the kiddos will LOVE them! :)

There are many more projects that I have yet to complete but they'll come with time.  Where do you get YOUR inspiration??


  1. LOVE your prize cards - what a GREAT idea! I've been doing "pinteresting" crafts all week on my blog. Such a great site!

    Runde's Room

  2. I can't believe it! We have the same flower pot and I also made flower pencils for it. I will have to post pics next week.

  3. you are so PINSPIRATIONAL!!!!
    All of your creations are supe cute@

    ❤ Mor ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  4. How do you use the brain break sticks?

  5. You have the cutest pinspired stuff!! I am going to make one of those to do lists right now!!

    Love your blog. New follower


  6. Is the writing for the To Do list on glass? Did I miss the directions? I'm new to checking on line for ideas, not sure why I haven't much. I'm excited to begin with your inspirational and cute site. Thanks from CA, #32 teaching and love it more each year!!!!