Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Places I Love to Shop

I like to shop.  I like getting great deals even more.  I hardly ever buy anything at regular price.  It just feels wrong!  Here are some places that I LOVE to shop! 

 1. Target
Target is very versatile and I shop here often for really anything I need!  Their stuff is a reasonably priced with a decent amount of class! 

2. Vistaprint
I have a bit of an addiction to this site!  I order SO. MANY. ITEMS. for my classroom from here.  In recent years, I've learned to create my own items and upload my own images. I wait for great sale links and order TONS for my classroom.  To see (most of) my Vistaprint items, click here!

3. Bath & Body Works
This place has me totally hooked.  I LOVE smelly stuff.  They've really upped the ante the last few years too.  Their smells are higher quality and beautiful.  I buy all of my air freshners, body products, & hand soaps from them.  I love their candles too! Yeah...home and classroom are covered by this place!

4. Christmas Tree Shops

I do not have one of these SUPER close to me, so my trips aren't frequent.  You never know what you'll find as most of it is TOTALLY random...but I do enjoy browsing stores like this!

5. Just So Scrappy

I love clip art and making my own STUFF!  So, naturally, I ADORE Just So Scrappy.  The kits are HUGE, sold at a great price, and just totally adorable.  You can do so many things with the graphics.  If I ever lose my teaching job, I would love to become a professional decorator/designer/creator of anything.  Or a cupcake baker.  Or an author. (I told you..I like lots of things.)

6. H & M

Here's another place I don't get to visit often, but I could easily spend hours in this store.  I wish I had more money, because I'd be way more fashionable.  I mostly stick with basics but they do have some fun other items!

7. Amazon
This is where I get all of my digital items and the occasional item shipped.  All of my ebooks and music come from here but you really can get ANYTHING on amazon.  I love stores where you can everything in one stop! That's my kinda place! :D

Where do you LOVE to shop??

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