Saturday, August 20, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things....

I like knowing what other people like.  The things we enjoy make life worth living! Here are just a HANDFUL of my favorite things!

1. Moose Munch Coffee

An indulgence, for sure, given the price, but I love this stuff.  I pretty much adore all coffee but this stuff is TASTY.  I thoroughly enjoy the Peanut Butter & Chocolate and Cookies & Cream varieties.

2. Autumn

My favorite season. I love the colors, the crisp feel of the air, and all of the smells.  This season is beautiful and so short lived.  Sadly (you'll understand this as teachers too) we don't even get to enjoy most of it as we're trying to get the year off to a WONDERFUL start! (You know, by slaving over 3-mile-high piles of paperwork.) 

3. Smelly Stuff

I like warm smells and any candle smelling like a baked good is pretty much my best friend.  (Bath and  Body works is releasing a new Bake Shop Collection on September 7th and I've pretty much never been more excited for anything in my life!!!!)

I'm all about cozy smells, no matter what it is.  I have wallflowers in my classroom and at home and I love Twilight Woods.

4. Baby Feet
There's just teeny and tiny and fresh and little and smooth and soft yet wrinkly and adorable all at the same time.  They make me have warm fuzzies.

5. "That" Moment

This right here is the reason that I teach.  You have these moments often, I'm sure.  It's that moment when you're teaching and you're in the groove! The lesson is trucking along and every student's nodding along with you....except for one student, whose little forehead is as scrunched up as scrunched up can be..

And try again.  You look at the child, recognize his or her strengths and interests and you modify your explanation.  You provide a new visual or a new story--anything to reach that scrunched little forehead.  And then it happens!  "OHHHH!!!!!"
 What an empowering feeling!  (For both parties.)  Knowledge is the best gift any of us can give.  Our kiddos need this more than ever.  I will forever love the lightbulb.

6. Philosophy Keep the Peace Color Corrector

I just really like this stuff.  That is all.

7. Yogi Peach Detox Tea

I am a bit of a health nut and this stuff just tastes awesome.  I always feel so good after I drink it too!  It's warm and cinnamony and I LOVE cinnamony.

8. My Memories Suite
This is the software that I use to design everything that I make for my classroom!  It's user friendly and a great tool.  So happy I invested in it!

9. Ice

I go through ice like crazy. Last year I moved into a new apartment and the refrigerator had an automatic ice maker.  This was pretty much the selling point for me.

10. Pigs

One day, I will have one as a pet.  I love them, especially the baby ones.  They're so smart too!  I pretty much love any living creature. I'm such a sappy kid. I mean..come on..look at that picture!  (This pig even loves coffee.  I just adopted him with my imagination.)

I know the world can be overwhelming and negative and all that..but isn't it wonderful how many beautiful things we're offered everyday?!

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